About Us

Hfk About Us

Our company was founded in 2017 with the trust of Mr. Hüseyin Faik Koyunoğlu’s over 30 years of production and sales experience and carries on business in Istanbul which is the most important trade center in Turkey and a renowned one in the world.

Our company provides investments, high qualified products under the name of HFK which are produced with the sense of maximum quality and which are obtained from OEM suppliers. Equipments with HFK brand are produced delicately in modern machines starting from the selection of raw material, controlled in each stage of production and with the importance we pay for human life and sense of unconditional customer satisfaction.
Our company is quite successful in its field due to our quality policy, reasonable price and delivery on time. Increase in the number of country and customers to whom we made exports is the result of this success.

Our Vision;

To make HFK a brand which is preferred in the world market and one that represents Turkish Automotive Industry successfully with the perception of Quality for All Brakes. We have full faith in this

Please do not forget: Your Security is Our Priority.

With all my respect,

Karim GUEMAR General Manager